This Saturday, March 21st, 2015 from noon to 10pm, the University of Pittsburgh’s Posvar Hall will resemble a vibrant, colorful and fun carnaval, similar to what you would see in Latin America or the Caribbean. This is because for the 35th year, the Center for Latin American Studies at Pitt will celebrate the Annual Latin American and Caribbean Festival.

If you have been wondering where the Latinos in Pittsburgh are, or thinking that our community is small, then we highly encourage you to participate in this 10 hour-long festival! It will not take much time for you to fall in love with the charm of our diverse community, our delicious food, our vibrant music and contagious rhythms.

Along with other Latino-serving organization, the Latin American Cultural Union (LACU), - an organization funded in 1986 with the mission of promoting, preserving and enriching the Latino cultures in Pittsburgh-, will be at the Festival. Here are five reasons why you should stop by our LACU table this Saturday.

1. Get to Know Us!

Want to know more about what LACU does? Have burning questions about the Latino community in Pittsburgh? Questions about your membership? LACU table is the place to go! Our working board is comprised of Latino community members that have been in Pittsburgh for more than 6 years and some of them are founders of the organization! Kill your curiosity and stop by the LACU table!

2. Get Connected!

LACU has been around Pittsburgh for almost 30 years, so we know people! Not only that, but we are also promoting the collaboration with other organizations in the region. This collaboration initiative helps to increase our outreach and theirs. So whether you have a community event or business idea, you would like to get guidance on where to start your network or how to grow roots in the Latino community in the Pittsburgh region, we can get you connected! Plus, most (if not all) of the community leaders we will be at the festival. This means you can start networking right away. How cool is that?!

3. Chances to win!

With LACU, there is always a chance to win. This year we will be raffling: 2 VIP tickets for ZOEIRA: A Brazilian Carnaval Bash taking place at Roland's Seafood Grill- 2nd floor, on Saturday March 28th. Tickets are sponsored by Global Beats. In addition, you will have an opportunity to win 2 tickets for a private VIP Pirates Latino Event on May 24th. These tickets are sponsored by the Pittsburgh Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

4. Be the First to Know!

Throughout the year, there are numerous Latino-related events, opportunities and announcements that you would not want to miss! By becoming a LACU member (or renewing your membership), you will be the first to know! Your will receive announcements directly to your email, participate in forums, and even welcome Latino newcomers to the region.

5. Get Involved!

You have skills; we know you do! And with your skills, you can contribute to our mission by committing to one of our volunteering positions. Everything we do at LACU, from the social media messages, to the website, to the social events, is being done by volunteers. You could be a contributor too! We are looking for webmaster, program coordinator, writers and general volunteers. If you are the kind of person that has many ideas, this is a place to use them as your contribution. Get involved with the Latino cultures at LACU!

So there you have it! Don’t miss the CLAS Festival and make sure you get to say "¡Hola!" to us at LACU. Looking forward to meet you!

¡Nos veremos!

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