Volunteer Positions Available

For almost 30 years, and thanks to a volunteer working board, we have been able to successfully and continously implement initiatives that lead us to achieve our mission. We are looking for leaders like YOU to get involved and help us to continue with our customs and traditions!


  • SECRETARY - The secretary will prepare minutes of each meeting of the Board and General Assembly and send to the team within a week by email. The minutes shall be published in the organization’s website to promote transparency. She/he will also help maintain LACU official records and correspondence. All records should be kept electronically in a secure location to minimize printing and filing of hardcopies of documents.  Will prepare templates of official LACU documents, including but not limited to “Thank You” letters, letters requesting donations, and others. Will help ensure ensure appropriate communication among LACU’s members, partners and sponsor. Along with the President, the Secretary will be responsible for shceduling, coordinating and preparing agenda for meetings.  Commitment: 5hrs/week


  • PROGRAM COORDINATOR - This Coordinator will develop yearly cultural programs and events related to LACU's mission.  Focusing on the main/current issues of that year.  This coordinator will be responsible to propose budgets, timelines, logistics and implementation of the programs/events.  The coordinator will work along with grant writer to find grants, will communicate with the rest of the team in order to implement the programs, meet with volunteers, report updates to the board and prepare surveys/collect data about the events/programs to be provided to the grant writer in a timely manner.  

       Commitment: 10hrs/week


  • BLOGGER - To create a quarterly articles via our blog . The blogger will write some or all of the articles, propose the theme that will be featured in each edition of the blog and coordinate with volunteers to publish at least monthly.  The blogger will ensure that all publishing are bilingual.

       Commitment: 5hrs/week


  • LACU PARTNERS - The coordinator of this Section is responsible for contacting and encouraging Latino-serving organizations in the Greater Pittsburgh area to become partners of LACU. He or she is responsible for maintaining communication with these organizations and to raise any issues to the board. He or she is responsible of planning and coordinating workshops for growth of these organizations. The coordinator will receive and answer questions about the LACU partners initiative and become a liason between the LACU Partners and LACU in order to collaborate on programs and events.  The coordinator will arrange meetings with LACU partners’ leaders in order to talk about needs in the community and ideas to address these coordinators to promote and to be added to the calendar. Commitment: 10hrs/week


  • MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR- The Coordinator will be an active participant and responsible for the recruitment, maintenance, and expansion of the LACU membership list.  Responsible to utilize group spaces to manage membership database.  Coordinator must be well versed in LACU’s history and present to answer questions regarding membership.  Coordinator will be responsible of creating welcoming letters and sending out LACU membership cards via mail.  To remind members when their membership payments its due and participate in events in order to recruit more members. Commitment: 5hrs/week


  • WEBMASTER – To update and add information, advertising and notifications about LACU’s activities and related information. To answer emails regarding the webpage.  To upload videos and photos of LACU activities. To manage and moderate emailing lists.  To make respective changes and updates to the website.  To add pictures and galleries to the website.  To upload videos and photos of LACU activities. To add, change or delete LACU Businesses promotions in the website.  Commitment: 3 hrs/week


  • SOCIAL EVENTS AND COMMUNITY OUTREACH - The Coordinator will be responsible for planning and coordinating social events such as picnics, dances, wine and cheese hours, and will chair the welcoming committee for new members in a manner that reflects LACU’s mission.  Social events will allow our members to interact with each other and will reflect our traditions and culture. Will participate and represent LACU in community fairs and other events.  This Coordinator will spread the word with the community about how can they get involved with LACU.  Commitment: 10 hrs/week



If interested in any of these positions or can offer any other talents, please send your resume to info@lacunet.org or click the button below.

1555 Broadway Avenue, Second Floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15216



T: 412-345-1047


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